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Preventing injuries and illnesses at work doesn’t happen by accident.

By Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

Washington has a vested interest in protecting our most valuable resources, including you! The Department of Labor & Industries offers many free tools to help keep you and your team safe and working.

Preventing injuries and illnesses at work doesn’t happen by accident. You wouldn’t entrust the future of your business to a new employee no matter how much experience they claim to have. Likewise, you wouldn’t count on a successfully completed project without discussing needs and agreeing on expectations about timeframe, price, materials, and delivery before any work begins. 

Your relationship with your crew deserves the same communication, care, and commitment that you would give to your biggest client. Don’t assume they already have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to meet or exceed your expectations for working safely. Communicate the rules and requirements, and make sure they understand that following them is not optional. Observe the process and the progress to make minor corrections along the way instead of costly, and potentially life-altering mistakes. Earn each other’s respect and trust by being consistent and reliable in finding and correcting hazardous conditions on the jobsite.

Safety and health regulations were developed to protect workers from recognized hazards that have resulted in serious injuries and deaths on the job. The Department of Labor & Industries provides free resources designed to help employers and workers recognize, understand, control, and eliminate these hazards in every workplace. We offer a wide variety of free tools and services to meet your unique needs, including: 

Every employer in Washington State is required to create a written Accident Prevention Program (APP) to address the safety and health hazards found in their workplace. Many consider the APP as the cornerstone of a safety program. Identifying hazards is the first step to creating an APP. Resources, like the Job Hazard Analysis or the Workplace Hazard Basics course, are available to help you with that task. We also offer workshops and webinars to help answer questions and walk you through the process of building an effective safety and health program. 

Visit to create or improve your safety and health program. You can learn at your own pace with our training resources or sign up for one of our upcoming workshops. You can also request a free consultation, including a jobsite visit with hazard analysis, exposure monitoring, and a report with recommendations to assist you in complying with OSHA and Washington regulations. You can find more information at Request Consultation (

Partnering with L&I will help you prevent costly workplace injuries and keep workers safe and working.

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