The First Skills USA Roofing Competition

By Amanda Fields

RCAW’s Commitment to Washington Vocational Schools

RCAW is so excited to share with you after 60 years of the SkillsUSA Competitions, we just finished the very first SkillsUSA Roofing Contest sponsored by NRCA in Atlanta, Georgia. While there are no contestants or winners from Washington state this year, we hope to extend this opportunity to all Skill Centers, Vocational Schools and CTE Programs in Washington state to encourage student participation in this contest next year. 

CTE, Vocational Centers and Skills Centers across our state are very engaged with the construction industry. However, getting roofing on the main stage of a national SkillsUSA competition is a huge accomplishment for the roofing industry. 

The four winners below, who were contestants in 2023, finished their mock-up within the amount of required time. This is NOT an easy thing to do for anyone, but they did it! We’d like to congratulate the following winners of the very first SkillsUSA Roofing Contest:

4th Place, 817 Points, Mia, from Indiana, | 3rd Place, 851 Points, Brandon, from South Carolina, 

2nd Place, 882 Points from Leif, from Virginia | 1st Place, 1st National Champion for Commercial Roofing from Kansas, Kyle Cameron. 

If there are schools in our state who would like to participate in the SkillsUSA Roofing Competition in 2024, RCAW is willing to try and help your students find guidance from our RCAW roofing professionals. RCAW is committed to helping students and young professionals who are entering the roofing industry become successful, proficient roofing business owners. We all know we need more trained roofers in our industry. 

I hope more schools start becoming excited about roofing as a more desirable and viable option as a career opportunity for young adults. Knowing there is a roofing curriculum available to students around the state is very exhilarating and promising. Roofing is a great pathway to success for a student’s future. If you’re interested in volunteering and/or donating materials, etc., at schools in Washington state, please reach out to Amanda Fields, RCAW Executive Director at or call/text her at (253) 691-4824. 

Thank you to RoofersCoffeeShop® for pushing out the love for this industry. 

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