Salmon Derby Recap

By Donovan Gladstone, RCAW Board Director & Salmon Derby Chair.

Tons of salmon caught! Bigger salmon caught! Spectacular sunny weather! Higher paid prize money and a lot of raffle prizes given away. The 9th Annual RCAW Salmon Derby was a spectacular success! The event was held on August 3, 2023, in marine areas 10 & 13 with all the derby contenders enjoying lunch, live music, raffle prizes and high dollar awards given out to the top placers at the Point Defiance Marina Dock. 

It never could have happened if it wasn’t for all the generous sponsors of the derby and the great passion of those in our roofing industry fishing the spectacularly beautiful Puget Sound waters of Washington State. We thank you all greatly! Next year’s derby date will be announced soon.

It all started with hyped news reports that fishing off the Washington coastline, from Westport to Sekiu was on fire. Also closer to home, exciting news was hitting the media that salmon fishing all over the Puget Sound was HOT, HOT, HOT! Fishermen were limiting out everywhere in all marine areas of the Puget Sound leading up to the derby. It was unbelievable! Everyone was talking about it. This made for a great number of salmon being caught on the day of the RCAW Salmon Derby. Results of the derby exceeded expectations. Below are the results for this year: 

$1,000 – 1st Place Winner was Chuck Ferguson – 19.84 lb. King Salmon

$750 – 2nd Place Winner was John Chambers – 14.39 lb. King Salmon 

$500 – 3rd Place Winner was Dean Schuster – 10.75 lb. King Salmon 

$1,800 – Raffle Prizes Awarded 

  • Georgio’s Box Lunches served at the dock 
  • Billy Shew Live Blues Band at the dock 

14 salmon caught out of 55 derby ticket holders 

The weather was perfect at around 80 degrees and sunny with the tides lining up nicely for the derby. The event was full of excitement with 55 derby ticket holders catching 14 salmon weighed in at the dock; Beacon was the weigh-in sponsor. GAF was the main event sponsor, with GAF Steep Slope Territory Manager, Donovan Gladstone, as the MC on the microphone announcing all the winners of the event. Georgio’s catered lunches were served to all derby ticket holders. ABC Supply kindly sponsored the Billy Shew live blues band. 

Notable higher level raffle sponsors included: Polyglass, Stoneway Roofing Supply, Preferred Roof Services, Roofer’s Choice Insurance, PABCO, GCI, LLC and Malarkey. Contractor’s Roof Service generously sponsored the Jighole game with raffle prizes to add a little fun to the event. 

The RCAW contributed to Northwest Salmon Research and PGA for salmon rearing program and chip & tracking of salmon to study and increase salmon returns in the Puget Sound waters. 

Last but not least, we cannot forget to thank all our base level sponsors that make this derby a great success year after year. Banner sponsors include CRS, Pioneer, Convoy, Hunter Panels, OMG, FRS, Esary Roofing, Madsen Roofing, Guardian Roofing, Velux, Hope Roofing, IKO, Owens Corning, McMains Roofing, Legends Roofing, Miles Resources, Tristate Roofing, True Blue Roofing, Stanley Roofing, Axis Roof & Gutter, TAM, & Weller Associates. We also thank Cecil Goodson & Team at the Point Defiance Marina. To the RCAW and all its members and those who participated in the Annual RCAW Salmon Derby, thank you! 

The Annual RCAW Salmon Derby is an important event in many ways. Funds from the derby help run the RCAW as well as help with the RCAW Safety Program, providing services and education to roofing contractors in Washington State to help keep them stay safe on the roof so they can go home each day to their families. It is a fun social event where roofing professionals can have a great time and get to know each other and their affiliated business partners. 

Lastly, from the derby funds, the RCAW donates to “Northwest Salmon Research” and “Puget Sound Anglers (PGA)” to help with salmon rearing programs and salmon research to help increase salmon returns in the Puget Sound waters. Please keep your eyes open for next year’s 10th Annual RCAW Salmon Derby to be announced soon! 

Thank you all and tight lines!


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