RCAW’s Fastest Shingle Competition Looking for a Few Good People

By Amanda Fields, RCAW Executive Director.

Establish Yourself as a Leader in the Roofing Industry and Showcase your Technique & Precision

RCAW’s Fastest Shingle Competition presented with GAF, is looking for a few good RCAW roofers on Friday, March 1, 2024, at RCAW’s PNW Regional Tradeshow at the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn. Check-in is at 12pm and the event will start at 1pm. 

Calling enthusiasts and professionals get ready for the thrill of a lifetime! The stage is set for the ultimate showcase of speed, precision, and skill in the Competition. Whether you’re a seasoned roofer or a newcomer eager to test your determination, this Competition promises an exhilarating experience and a chance to demonstrate your roofing expertise. 

In the world of roofing, efficiency and speed are paramount. The RCAW Fastest Shingle Competition is designed to celebrate and highlight the individuals who can execute high-quality roofing installations with unmatched speed and accuracy. RCAW Member roofers are invited to showcase their agility and proficiency in this exciting event.

The Competition will feature a series of challenges that mirror real-world roofing scenarios. Participants will be tasked with installing GAF shingles with precision and speed, demonstrating their ability to handle various roofing materials and navigate the roofing styles. Each challenge will be a testament to the contestant’s craftsmanship, ensuring a well-rounded evaluation.

To maintain fairness and integrity, the competition adheres to a set of rules and regulations. These guidelines cover safety protocols, equipment usage, and the specific criteria for judging. Fair play is at the heart of this Competition, ensuring that all participants have an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.

Participating in this Competition offers numerous benefits. Beyond the thrill of the competition itself, contestants will have the opportunity to come early to the PNW Regional Tradeshow and network with other industry professionals, exchange insights and gain exposure in the roofing community. The competition is a platform for showcasing your talents and establishing yourself as a leader in the roofing industry. There will be a $500 prize for 1st Place, $300 prize for 2nd Place and a $200 prize for 3rd Place, along with medals and bragging rights. Thank you to RoofersCoffeeShop who will be broadcasting this event live.

Ready to take the challenge? Joining the Competition is a straightforward process. Simply visit our website at www.RCAW.com, where you’ll find the registration. At this Competition we will have 12 competitors and 2 back-up competitors. It is 1st come 1st on the roster. Whether you’re an individual roofer or part of a roofing team, this is your chance to shine!

The RCAW’s Pacific Northwest Fastest Shingle Competition is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the roofing community’s dedication to excellence. If you have the skills, speed, and passion for roofing, don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your abilities and compete alongside the best in the industry. Join us as we elevate roofing to new heights and crown the fastest shingle master! #RCAWFASTEST


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