Membership Spotlight on Hope Roofing

By Barbara Kingsolver

Family run business with strong roots in the roofing community.

In the beginning…

In the summer of 1971, Jim and Marsha Eades left Seattle and hitchhiked to the Olympic Peninsula. This young, pioneering couple saw Port Townsend as the perfect place to start a family and nourish their entrepreneurial spirits. Jim looked to the trades for opportunity. As a former metal artist, he discovered he could apply his creative talents to carpentry and roofing. In 1977 Hope Roofing was born. As time went on and their four kids grew up, Jim and Marsha’s three sons – Aaron, Joab, and Zach – signed on and Hope Roofing became a family business.

40 years later…

The youngest son Zach and his wife Jordan decided to sell the family business to 2 of their current employees. In 2018 the torch was passed to Matthew Wallace and Stephanie Nickasio.

Matt holds over thirty years’ experience in the roofing industry. He began his roofing career as his first job, growing up North of Seattle. He moved to Port Townsend to be with his now wife Lani and started his own roofing company – Cherry Street Roofing. After closing Cherry Street at the end of 2013, he joined the Hope Roofing team in 2014 as an estimator/project manager. Matt and Lani have 2 kids, Dakota, and Marcela.

Stephanie first started working for Hope Roofing as a teenager in 2007. Since then, her wandering spirit led her to live in San Diego, CA, Tempe, AZ and most recently Bend, OR. Every time she came back to Port Townsend, Hope Roofing would put her right to work. Her boyfriend Jacob Larson of 13 years is seen on the roofing crew when he is not commercial fishing in Alaska during the summer.

With roofing being such a big part of Matt & Stephanie’s lives, it was an easy transition when Jordan and Zach wanted to sell Hope Roofing. Who could say no to such a great turn-key business!

After Covid…

We haven’t experienced a lack of customers rather a lack of employees. Roofing is a tough job for sure. Plus, working so much overtime to fulfill the high demand of business is hard as well. It’s been our main goal to provide an environment for the employees where they enjoy coming to work and the aches and pains of roofing is just a small part of it. We have a points system where there are many ways to earn points like answering the weekly trivia or getting top hours for the week. They can cash in their points to get tools, swag maybe some new shoes or pants. We also design and make shirts and sweatshirts for each holiday. The crew usually hangs out for an hour plus after work chatting, playing basketball, throwing the football around or playing beer pong in our game room.

We love being a part of RCAW. Not only does it provide us with support and up to date information for our industry, but it offers fun bonding events. This has been our biggest draw to be a member. We don’t send our office personnel; we send our roofers to these events. They really feel appreciated with the opportunity to go and they love networking with others in roofing.

Live in your HOPE

“The very least you can do in your life is figure out what you HOPE for. And the most you can do is live inside that HOPE. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof.”


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