Gift Yourself with Self-Care for the Holidays

By Mai Ling Slaughter, Advanced Professionals Insurance & Benefit Solutions


During the holidays, life can be busier and more hectic than ever, and many people find that they’re focused more on taking care of others than taking care of themselves. This is when restoring balance in our lives is especially essential to our overall well-being and mental health.

Practicing self-care can help preserve your happiness, health, and productivity. This holiday season, brighten your holidays with a bit of self-care with these tips from the CleanTech Alliance Health Trust, which offers health insurance and other employee benefits to RCAW members.

There are different dimensions of self-care, and it is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit. Create your own self-care routine by including activities and practices from each of the following dimensions:

Physical: The physical dimension involves fitness, eating and sleep habits and preventive medical care. Taking care of our body will increase energy levels and can boost self-esteem. Try taking a walk during lunch, schedule a doctor’s check-up, and take inventory of how many restful hours of sleep you are getting at night.

Mental: This involves finding the balance between stimulating your mind and letting it rest. Mental self-care will help with creativity, innovation, and continual learning. Try reading a book, solving a puzzle, listening to music, and unplugging from social media. 

Spiritual: Spiritual self-care can help us find more meaning in life and develop a sense of purpose. Try spending time in nature, attending a religious service/praying, practicing yoga, meditating, and volunteering. 

Social: Humans are social beings, and we need social connection in our lives. Activities that nurture and deepen the relationships we have with others allow for stronger bonds and help create a sense of belonging and acceptance. Try working at a coffee shop, organizing a family dinner, going to brunch with friends, and joining or starting a book club. 

Emotional dimension: Nourishing emotional self-care allows for a better understanding of ourselves, the ability to cope with challenges, and develop and nourish healthy relationships. Practicing emotional self- care helps us be more compassionate with ourselves and others. Try self-reflecting in a journal, saying positive affirmations, connecting with a friend, and practicing gratitude. 

Taking the time to care for ourselves allows us to help others as well. Self-care improves our mood, strengthens our immunity, and increases positive thinking. It can decrease stress, depression, and anxiety while preventing burnout. Visit the Mental Health America website for tools and tips at

Learn More about the CleanTech Alliance Health Trust

The CleanTech Alliance Health Trust is available to RCAW members through a partnership with the CleanTech Alliance. This exclusive program offers affordable, comprehensive employee benefits to companies based in Washington state that develop products and services in the energy, environmental, and construction and building sciences industries with as few as two enrolled employees. Plan options from trusted regional and national providers include: 

  • Medical from Premera Blue Cross
  • Dental from Delta Dental of Washington
  • Vision from VSP Vision Care Inc.
  • Life, Disability and Accidental Death from Unum
  • Employee Assistance Program from Wellspring EAP
  • Identity Protection from Allstate Identity Protection

To learn more about the diverse benefits available for the 2024 plan year, please download the RCAW-CleanTech Alliance Health Trust Flyer.

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