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By Allison Woslager, Integrity Professional Consulting 

Digital marketing is an essential tool for commercialization and success.

Marketing as we know it today is an advanced blend of technology and strategy and an essential tool for the success of any growing business. Before the era of digital marketing, traditional marketing was the fastest form of marketing and advertising to reach our consumers. Traditional marketing includes tangible items such as business cards, print ads, newspapers, magazines, posters, commercials, billboards, TV, radio and brochures, to name a few. It’s no new news that the world of marketing has consistently and rapidly changed since the launch of digital marketing, decades ago. With the evolution of the web, websites and internet ads became an essential tool for commercialization and success among evolving marketing strategies. 

The most effective marketing is combining traditional methodologies with digital marketing strategies to effectively penetrate the market. While traditional marketing strategies can only reach a limited audience through mass media outlets, digital marketing strategies have the ability to reach a much wider range of consumers in any age group and in any country. Unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing is temporary and will eventually go away. Your digital marketing tools will stay on the web indefinitely, unless you remove them. 

Research shows that Google alone processes 99,000 searches per second. That’s 8.5 billion internet searches in just one day! That being said, it’s no surprise that companies started increasing their digital marketing efforts, without a doubt. From billboards to geo fencing, magazines to digital ads/content, TV to video reels, and radio to streaming ads, many more organizations are substituting the traditional way of marketing to sustain a more modern marketing approach. With digital marketing constantly evolving, companies can now target their audience in the most cost-effective ways and easily measure through digital analytics. 

Some companies have struggled to adapt to the new ways of marketing which has posed difficulties to their survival and success. We cannot deny that the future of marketing lies in the rise of our ever-growing and fast-developing technology. If your organization has struggled to get ahead of the curve of blended traditional & digital marketing, we recommend consulting with a marketing professional to gain new insights and knowledge of how you can master your marketing efforts. 

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