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By Allison Woslager, Integrity Professional Consulting 

The Five Essential Elements of a Marketing Campaign

A good marketing campaign is one with multiple elements that is methodically thought out and strategically executed with many variables taken into consideration throughout the campaign. It’s known that a truly compelling marketing campaign will tell a good story. A story in which the customer is the hero and you’ve just shown up to give them the armor and the tools to defeat their enemy. Campaigns that stand out particularly well will typically tell some of the best stories, in authentically creative ways and they provide their customers with an action plan. So, what are the elements that make a successful marketing campaign? We find that there are at least five essential elements to a marketing campaign, and we are grateful to share those elements to help others in their marketing endeavors. 

1 – Just as I have thought and planned to write this article, a marketing campaign must be curated through the planning stage. During the planning stage, you will more than likely be strategizing your goals and determining a budget. It’s important to gather as much information in the planning stage as possible to help identify your KPI’s in the future, or Key Performance Indicators, which are how the results of the campaign will be measured. 

2 – With digital marketing being so widely available to businesses, it’s easy to see that you can mass market to a very broad audience in a rather quick manner, but this doesn’t always mean success. Businesses will always want to generate business in the most efficient and affordable ways. It’s important to determine a target market early on in your marketing campaign. This allows your business to focus its dollars and efforts on an audience that is most likely to buy from you. 

3 – Another important element of a successful marketing campaign is how the campaign will be delivered. There are countless ways to market and deliver your campaign from traditional marketing, such as billboards and print ads to digital marketing and streaming ads. It’s extremely important to determine which avenue will be the best route to reach your target audience. 

4 – Next comes the fun part. Creating your message. A well thought out message must be something that resonates with your audience, encouraging them to buy your product. Having a creative message in your marketing campaign can elevate your business and products and provides more potential for you to build your brand. Building your brand will ultimately help to differentiate you from your competitors in your industry, which is key. 

5 – Finally, after the planning stage, determining your target market, how your campaign will be delivered, creating your message, and then marketing it to consumers, you will want to assess how well your campaign performed over the duration. At this point in the campaign, we are identifying the effectiveness of your marketing strategy as our goal is always to increase revenue while decreasing the cost of customer acquisition. 

In the end, you will always win if your marketing continually lowers the costs of finding and winning business, while also increasing the value of that business. If you are in the market for new and creative marketing strategies, consult with an experienced marketing agency to get a strategic marketing plan. 

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