Explore Your Employee Benefit Options Before You Head Into Open Enrollment

By Nathan Edmond

Are you exploring your health insurance options or just curious about the employee benefits that are available for companies in the roofing industry?

Open enrollment is around the corner for many companies in Washington state, and the RCAW partners with the CleanTech Alliance want to make sure members like you have access to affordable, comprehensive employee benefits through the CleanTech Alliance Health Trust. 

This unique program is available to companies based in Washington state that develop products and services in the energy, environmental and construction and building sciences industries with as few as two enrolled employees.

Diverse plan options 

The goal of the CleanTech Alliance Health Trust is to offer employee benefits that are as diverse as our customers and their different industry sectors. Plan options from trusted regional and national providers include: 

  • Medical from Premera Blue Cross
  • Dental from Delta Dental of Washington
  • Vision from VSP Vision Care Inc.
  • Life, Disability and Accidental Death from Unum
  • Employee Assistance Program from Wellspring EAP
  • Identity Protection from Allstate Identity Protection

With 19 medical plans to choose from, you’ll easily be able to find the right plan for your employees. All plans include convenient access to 24/7 virtual care services that make it easier for your employees and their families to seek care on their schedule. The broad range of virtual services offered include primary care, urgent care, dermatology, behavioral health therapy and substance use disorder. 

New ways to save money and time

For 2024, the Health Trust is proud to offer even more ways for members to save both money and time.

  • In-home urgent care: Through a new partnership with DispatchHealth, members now can receive medical care from the comfort of their home for common injuries or health conditions that often send members to urgent care or the emergency room. With DispatchHealth, members receive high-quality care from a dedicated care team that includes a nurse practitioner or physician assistant and a medical technician and avoid lengthy wait times in urgent care and emergency room facilities.
  • Rx Savings Solution: It’s easy for members to save on prescription costs with Rx Savings Solution, which can help you find and switch to lower-cost prescriptions. Members can sign up to receive an email or text any time they can spend less.
  • Kinwell Clinics primary care: Improved access to primary care also is available to CleanTech Alliance Health Trust members through a unique partnership with Kinwell Clinics. This new in-network option has been opening primary care clinics throughout Washington state that offer reduced wait times, easy online scheduling and appointments available both in person and virtually.

New plan year begins 2024

The CleanTech Alliance Health Trust kicks off a new plan year on January 1, 2024, and we’d love to have you join us! To find out more about our 2024 benefit plans, please download our RCAW-CleanTech Alliance Health Trust Flyer.

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