Article Submission for RCAW’s eNewsletter ROOFING ROUNDUP


(Note all articles will also be featured on the RCAW website Blog)

  1. Please submit an article in word format with 300 words or more. (Word Format)
  2. Please include headlines (H1) and subhead (H2)
  3. Include 1-5 images and color company logo if applicable. (300 dpi JPEG or PNG format) (Please do NOT embed photos/logos into word document, attach them separate) 
  4. All contact information for article should include:
  5. Author Name 
  6. Company Name 
  7. Phone Number 
  8. Website 
  9. Email address 
  10. Please insert pertinent links within the article(s).
  11. All articles must be received by RCAW by the 25th of the previous month.

Send all collateral material for you article, including images, and any other submissions such as sponsor ads to You can attach multiple files and please send images individually via Google drive share, Dropbox, or similar program but link should be direct to


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