An Employer Advocate for All Matters L&I

By Stop Claims

Washington contractors can get special consultation as RCAW members

Stop Claims manages injury claims from start to finish!

Stop Claims is unique in our strategies and helps businesses like yours with claim cost containment and premium reduction. 

Most workplace injuries are legitimate, but even legitimate claims can take a life of their own. Stop Claims reviews all benefit decisions to ensure that the benefits paid are fair, reasonable and curative. If the decisions are not appropriate, Stop Claims will actively petition, protest and appeal claim decisions all the way to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (BIIA). Our litigation paralegals are experts in negotiating decisions from the Department through the mediation process with the BIIA — which significantly reduces legal fees.

Stop Claims also works with clients who are in individual retro groups. Stop Claims will come alongside your retro group, working together to ensure decisions made on a claim are beneficial to the employer as well as your injured worker. 

Stop Claims ensures all decisions are fairreasonable and appropriate. This is a win-win situation having your claims managed by experts — your experience rate stays low and your refund potential goes up!

Another service Stop Claims offers is safety services; we are a phone call away if L&I shows up at your job site, all you must do is give us a call and we’ll get our safety experts on the phone. 

By having experts on the phone, this forces good behavior on all sides, and if a citation is issued, Stop Claims is there from the opening conference to closing.

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