NRCA and Affiliate Executives Council Partnership

The purpose of the NRCA Affiliate Executives Coun- cil (AEC) is to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns of NRCA’s affiliate associations. The council dis-cusses and addresses issues and positions of importance being considered by NRCA’s board of directors and committees, whether submitted for comment to the council by NRCA or originating from the council.
NRCA and its affiliate associations work together to:

  • Encourage memberships in each association
  • Promote programs and benefits of membership in each association
  • Advance communication among their joint roofing contractor members, suppliers and the industry
  • Support implementation of regulatory and legislative matters of interest and concern
  • Optimize participation in each association’s gov- ernance, program development and association activities

The council elects a chairperson every two years; however, there is no limit to the number of times an affiliate executive may serve in this role. The council formally meets in July in Chicago during NRCA’s Midyear Meetings and in February during NRCA’s annual convention.

To become an affiliate of NRCA, an association must have at least five members who also are NRCA contractor members, as well as provide NRCA with the organization’s current membership roster and bylaws. The affiliate executive of each affiliate organi- zation is given all the benefits of NRCA membership, and the affiliate association is eligible for discounts on NRCA products. Affiliate executives or the desig- nated administrative staff person is automatically a member of NRCA’s AEC.

There is no legal relationship between NRCA and its local, state, regional and international roofing contractor affiliates; each organization operates with its own bylaws, board of directors and (often) staff.

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NWiR (National Women in Roofing)

National Women in Roofing (NWiR) is a volunteer based organization with the goal to provide networking, recruiting, mentoring and education for women roofing professionals. NWiR will strive to provide an opportunity for women and men, new and established, to find ongoing success working together in the roofing industry. Four Pillars of Leadership National Women in Roofing has four pillars of leadership that the organization has set forth, which include:


Mentor and empower women in the roofing industry to advocate for themselves and achieve excellence in their chosen careers.


Create high-quality learning programs and experiences for men and women to build successful businesses and careers in the roofing industry, with a focus on personal and professional development, and self-advocacy to support their technical expertise and advance their careers.


Reach beyond traditional recruitment strategies to attract, hire and retain women who will bring diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences to the roofing industry, and elevate the professionalism and diversity of our community.


Provide opportunities to interact with and learn from women in the roofing industry, creating strong, long-lasting and supportive networks through strategic alliances with other roofing organizations.



Member Resource Advantage Rewards was established in 2002 by Vickie Sharples, with a little help from her friend Heidi Ellsworth. It was a support site for Roofers Exchange, a newspaper focused on classified ads. Working together they named the new site This represents a space similar to how many contractors in the past used coffee shops or diners early in the morning to meet with fellow contractors and crews. While there, they were able to exchange advice, tell stories and talk business. By naming the website it gives the roofing community a sense of past comfort and a doorway into new technologies that are essential to strong business in today’s world.

Today Vickie and Heidi are proud of where the RoofersCoffeeShop has come and all it has to offer the overall industry. It is now comprised of a community of roofing professionals that share ideas, tell stories, do research, sell items, find items and get help. Advertisers are able to connect with roofing contractors across the country not only selling but learning about key issues and trends utilizing the site’s tools such as the forum and classifieds. It is one of the premier networking sites in the industry, helping contractors find information, materials, services, tools, labor and training all in one place. has become the place to celebrate the roofing industry and the great people that work in it. From the rooftop to the boardroom, is for all roofing professionals!

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RT3 (Roofing Technology Think Tank)

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), is a consortium of thought leaders exploring emerging technology solutions for the roofing industry, striving to inform contractors by bringing together progressive and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry.

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) strives to find innovative technology solutions to be used within the roofing industry. RT3 provides insights from progressive thought leaders along with practical resources for implementing potential solutions successfully. The organization will encourage and enable contractors to embrace technology as they seek to grow their businesses.

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CleanTech Alliance

All RCAW Member Recieve Complimentary CleanTech Benefits

As a result of an agreement between our Boards of Directors, your membership in the RCAW entitles you to a complimentary membership in the CleanTech Alliance. This entitles you and your employees to all of the benefits offered by both associations.

The most important benefit, we think, is the health care plan. Our state has unique laws that allow trade associations to form health plans to provide insurance for members and employees. Often, this allows members to obtain excellent health benefits at a lower rate. We can do this because the law permits our members to be considered as a single group—and the bigger the group, the lower the risk, and the lower the costs. If you are interested in exploring this option, take a look at our CleanTech Health Trust page. Or feel free to give me a call and I will be glad to help you.

Additionally, because your RCAW membership makes you a member of the CleanTech Alliance, you are entitled to attend our events at member rates and participate in our committees. Your company will be added to our online directory, which will help build visibility for your company. We will link to your website to drive more traffic to you. When you have news, let us know and we will endeavor to promote it.

As part of this membership benefit, I will put you on our email database so you will be able to see what all of our members are doing, as well as having access to activities. (You are always welcome to unsubscribe to our emails by clicking at the bottom of every email.)

Thank you for your membership in the RCAW and welcome to the CleanTech Alliance!

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Western States Roofing Contractors Association

The Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) was formed in 1974 to preserve and promote the roofing industry in the western region. WSRCA’s purpose is to provide assistance to enable its members to operate successfully and competitively.

WSRCA members recognize that the perpetuation of such a healthy business environment is greatly influenced by their professional conduct. The association strongly supports the following practices and encourages their members to do the same.

Professional roofing contractors:

  • Are honest and straightforward in their dealings with clients, submitting reasonable proposals and answering all questions pertaining to those proposals
  • Stand behind their work, offering warranties or guarantees where appropriate
  • Enter into contracts that are fair and equitable, and that clearly assign and delineate responsibilities
  • Offer evidence that their companies are bonded, insured or licensed in locations where it is appropriate or required
    Recognize that the employee’s health and safety are of paramount concern to the company and its employees
    Support the education and training of their employees

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Davis Memorial Foundation

The Davis Memorial Foundation’s mission is to support education, particularly as it relates to the development of a well-educated construction industry. Founded in 1997 in memory of Larry and Mary Davis, the Davis Memorial Foundation awards scholarships and grants, and sponsors technical seminars at colleges and universities. Become a Partner of the Future by donating to the Davis Memorial Foundation scholarship fund.

Larry and Mary Davis personified the heart and spirit of the roofing industry community. Committed to supporting the professional standing of roofing contractors, Larry promoted high standards and believed that a well-educated membership was key to the industry’s future success. Founder of State Roofing Company in Modesto, California, Larry served as a director on the Western States RCA Board of Directors and was active on several committees, often flying to meetings with his wife Mary in their private airplane. They perished in a plane crash in 1995 when they were returning from a committee meeting.


Independent Business Association of Washington State

The IBA has been assisting small business owners save money, save time and solve problems since 1974 in the following ways:

  • Providing small business owners with critical information they need to save time, money and frustration in operating their business. You have a staff of experts working full-time every day to find ways to save you money, save you time and make your life running a small business easier.
  • Being your “voice” to your state lawmakers and agency officials. IBA gives you an “effective voice” and “clout” with government officials.
  • Helping you to solve problem through IBA’s Instant Assistance Service. It puts a staff of experts at your service immediately.
  • And much, much more!

IBA is the largest broad-based small business organization based in Washington State. We currently help over 4,200 small business owners in Washington State, and we can help you and your small business. This is IBA’s non-member website so you can check us out and see examples of how we can help you and your business. This is just a small sample of what is available for IBA Members. And, as an RCAW member you are a member automatically in the IBA